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TrichoScope ASG

TrichoScope ASG - is simply the ultimate solution for hair & skin care professionals. This fully automated system, allows users to save precious time completing a diagnosis and reduce any possible errors. This Trichoscope fulfils the optimized image with automatic color balance per each diagnosis step and employs newly developed "Progressive scan method" to maximize the graphics which is much clear, precise than ever. Moreover, the system is based on USB connection in order to achieve the accurate diagnosis result and has a handy and convenient "Call Cord" for a handy diagnosis environment. The system consists of various magnification lenses, including one with a triple mode to show three different layers of scalp. With added-on special diagnostic tools and other features it performs the best analysis service. Below is the list of the system main specifications:
  • Intergrated Hair & Scalp Diagnosis System;
  • User friendly system semi-auto linkage (hardware & software);
  • Color - white;
  • Camera Kit - Scope Camera, holder with Ultra Violet sterilization lamp for lenses and one additional lens with protective cap;
  • Lens Kit - 5 magnification lenses (1X; 10X; 60X triple mode; 200X; 1000X), lens holder with protective caps;
  • Image sensor - 1/4" Sony Super HAD CCD;
  • Image modes - Multi Imaging Modes (Normal, Polarized and User) with One Lens (60X Triple Lens);
  • Camera functions - Live, Capturer, TPL mode, Normal mode;
  • Interface - USB 2.0 Type (connection with computer only), RCA Type (connection with TV monitor only);
  • Power supply - DC 5V adaptor kit for 110-220V, 50-60Hz;
  • Clear and Vivid Color Reproduction;
  • Close to Natural Color in Using White LED and Optical Technology;
  • Easy to use with Capture Button on Scope Camera and Call Cord (ex. cable of telephone) simplified cable link between camera scope and holder;
  • Chic and Stylish Outfit Design;
  • Strong and Durable Long-Life Product;
  • Easily Detachable Lenses (Twist & Press);
  • 1X lens (Hairloss, Style);
  • 10X (Dermatoscopic Signs, Lesions, Density);
  • 60X Triple mode lens (Polarizing Scalp: Deeper Layers of Skin, Internal Pigmentation Marks, Keratin Layers, Capillary, Acne, Sensitiveness / Normal Scalp: Skin Texture, Pore, External Pigmentation Marks / Normal Hair: Density, Diameter);
  • 200X lens (Hair Root, Pore, Scalp, Skin Cells);
  • 1000X lens (Hair Shaft, Cuticle)
  • Hair XP Pro diagnostic software.
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